One click printing solution

Professional studio printing solution

Large format printing the smart way

Ultimate production RIP server

Shiraz Carbon

"Probably the easiest RIP solution on the market with an incredible price/performance. "

One click printing solution!

A modern and innovative RIP application with an intuitive front-end seamlessly integrated to a powerful back-end print server.
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Intuitive front end

A fast and fully featured image browser allows users to easily locate and examine the required image files for printing.

The user then drag & drops selected images on the required PrintFlow for processing and printing.
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Intelligent back end server

The integrated server module utilizes the proven Shiraz printing technology to manage and process all incoming jobs for output on to the designated printer.

All sophisticated features usually associated with high-end print server solutions can be found here.
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PrintFlow widgets

PrintFlow widgets are created and configured for fast and easy submissions of print jobs by users. Any number of PrinFlows can be created and assigned as many job parameters as needed.

Images that are then dropped here are automatically assigned the pre-defined job parameters associated with these widget.
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Automatic utilization of media usage.


Live polling of information from printers.


Additional module for cropping and tiling of images.


Automatic job cost calculation and management.